Rhythm Relief Fundraiser for Albert Alva

At Albert’s request, we have closed down fundraising as of November 20, 2022. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort! More information below.

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Campaign has ended

November 20, 2022—a campaign update and a message from Albert:

At Albert’s request, we have closed down fundraising as of November 20, 2022. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort! The generosity of our community—swing dancers, musicians, music students, and jazz enthusiasts—is awe inspiring.

With Nick Williams’ leadership, we started the Rhythm Relief in May of 2023 in order to respond to the pandemic. But it was clear almost from the beginning that the Rhythm Relief Fund could serve a broader mission of supporting members of the swing dance community in times of emergency. We were well-positioned to help Albert when he had an emergency, and if you think that’s a good thing, please consider contributing to the Rhythm Relief Fund.

From Albert:

“At the end of August, a serious and challenging medical situation turned my world upside down. I was in the hospital for three and half weeks, had to re-learn how to walk, and my right arm didn’t move for two weeks. I’ve worked with many caring therapists since then. The current program has a team of therapists who come to my home, and this has allowed me to rebuild my life at the same time. The next phase will be outpatient therapy for the fine motor skills so I can get back to playing, writing music, and driving. The love and support from friends and family will be in my heart for the rest of my life. This is also a great time for a special THANK YOU to Jason and the Pacific Swing Dance Foundation, along with Jonathan, Josh, Hilary, and Adam. I plan to start visiting some dance events in the near future with the goal of being back on the bandstand, sooner rather than later. I’ll never grow tired of saying that I feel lucky to know each and every one of you!”


September 26, 2022—a message from Albert and important update:

From Albert:

“A few weeks ago, life presented me with a serious and challenging medical situation. I made the decision to deal with it in the most positive way possible. Still, one thing is for sure: The well wishes, support, and love, from both near and far, has meant the world to me. I am home, I can walk without assistance, and I am in early stages of movement in my arm and hand, all which have given me new hope. I can’t wait to see all my friends, family, students, and of course, the wonderful swing dancer community who have supported me for many years. I feel lucky to know each and every one of you!”


One month after his stroke, Albert’s recovery has proceeded well beyond expectations, but of course there is still a long road ahead. He is currently waiting to see if he will qualify for at-home physical therapy, rather than significantly more expensive in-patient therapy.

Because the outlook on his out-of-pocket expenses has changed significantly for the better, and because it may do so even further, Albert has asked us to pause further fundraising until we know better what his needs will be going forward. The almost $41,000 we have raised so far, will make a huge impact in offsetting Albert’s medical costs and lost income.

We will update again as the picture develops.


Have you ever been to a swing dance event and heard the incredible Jonathan Stout Orchestra featuring Hilary Alexander live? Have you reveled in the rhythm while swinging out and living your best life at 220 beats per minute? 

If you have, you have saxophonist Albert Alva to thank. 

A pillar of the music that drives our swing dance community, Albert is one of the most well-known and incredible saxophonists in swing and jazz music today. 

Albert has given us his heart through his music … and now he needs our help. 

In late August 2022, Albert suffered a stroke, resulting in partial paralysis. The good news is that he is a candidate for special rehabilitative care that will help him recover and get back to what he loves best—the music. But this care is expensive—about $12,000 per week. Our goal is to raise enough to cover living expenses and rehabilitative care so Albert has the time and opportunity to recover.

A true role model, Albert is a jazz lecturer at Chapman University as well as the co-director of the Jazz Angels youth band. Albert has shaped and guided countless young jazz musicians with his mentorship and teaching—one of his proudest accomplishments. 

Albert is also one of the most humble and immensely compassionate people you will ever meet. Never one to sing his own praises, he would much rather put his focus on uplifting others around him, which he has done quietly on and off the bandstand for years.  

Albert’s undeniable artistry and career have contributed to our swing dance community and the jazz world. Albert is a gift we have all benefited from. Please make a tax-deductible donation to support Albert in this time of need!


  1. Hope you’re feeling better and better every day, and can’t wait to see you return to doing what you love. Love and miss you Albert!

  2. So heartened to hear your recovery is going better than expected- hope that trend continues. Thank you for all the incredible music.

  3. Albert,
    I pray you feel so encouraged, and that you hold onto courageous hope even when it doesn’t make logical sense. I believe you’ll fully recover. We are all rooting for you in your journey back to full health and want you to know how loved you are as part of this community. I can’t WAIT to dance love to your playing soon!!!

  4. Albert: I so appreciate your encouragement and team spirit. You rooted for us, now we’re rooting for you! ❤️

  5. Ariel and I are sending our love and strength to you Albert! We always cherished our times with you in the jazz combo at Chapman. Take it one day at a time.

  6. Albert has been the “Heart and Soul” of the Campus Five since its inception, but more importantly he’s been a dear friend and trusted mentor since even before that. What makes Albert truly special isn’t just his musicianship, it’s his generosity and heart. I can’t think of a time when Albert wasn’t using his limited free time, even between sets on a gig, to create bespoke arrangements for his students at Chapman, or for the Jazz Angels. That’s in addition to always being there to answer an arranging question whenever I had one.

    Albert’s generosity and heart are also what make his musicianship special as well. He lives in service of the music, and the communion that comes from playing with other musicians, and from interacting with dancers. Albert’s music comes from his heart – he always says he’s singing through his horn, and he won’t play something if it’s not something he could or would sing. He’s never one to make it about himself, even when he’s being featured on “Flying Home” or “Jammin’ the Blues” – he lives in service of the music, and he gives every fiber of his being to it. I think everyone who’s ever danced to our music has felt touched by that.

    He is an example and an inspiration, and we could all use to be more like Albert Alva, on-stage and off.

    With love from the whole Stout family, and the “Campus Five” family.

  7. All the best for the healing wishes DJ Helōt from Hamburg, Germany. I just came back from my swing dance party, where I always play one of your songs.

  8. Albert, I hope you make a smooth and full recovery. It is always a joy to share the stage and make music alongside you! Your music inspires everyone around you – both on and off the band-stand.

  9. Albert, my buddy❣️ Hope that you’re getting better each day and I know that you can feel all the LOVE that surrounds YOU 🥰🥰🥰

  10. Albert, thank you so much for all the fabulous music and all that you bring to the swing community. It’s been a huge pleasure knowing you. Wishing you all the best in your recovery, and looking forward to when we see you again! Love, Aurelie & Tony

  11. Sending love and healing vibes to Albert and all of his care-givers. He has given us so much joy and kindness over the years and I feel so grateful for that. Best wishes!

  12. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and energy with us Albert. I hope this small contribution helps in some way to get you back and fully recovered. Sending you lots of love and thinking of you always. Can’t wait to swing out to your solos again!!!

    -Andrew Jose

  13. Albert! Praying for a speedy recovery for you. Some of my favorite dance moments have taken place while you were playing.

    You engage with the floor and it feels like we’re all getting to create a Masterpiece together!

    Can’t wait until I get to swing with you again!

  14. Performed for quite a few years in SoCal with Albert and the Wayne Foster organization back in the ’80’s. Lost touch but reconnected thanks the FB a couple of years ago and even got to see him when my daughter graduated from Chapman. Hoping for a complete recovery and get back blowing soon.

  15. Albert – Thank you for keeping this music alive, for all that you do for the jazz and swing dance communities, and for being a personal musical inspiration!

    -A swing dancer and aspiring clarinetist from San Diego

  16. Albert, you are such an important member of our music scene. I can recall numerous of my favorite nights of dancing to your beautiful music. I hope this small sum helps get you back playing quickly!

  17. Best wishes to a quick and complete recovery Albert. Looking forward to being with you on the bandstand soon. Much love, Jeff Bush

  18. Keeping you in my thoughts for sure. It has always been a pleasure to hang with you backstage and just generally scream your name in admiration when you are playing.
    You have made a difference in our world.

  19. Albert is a great guy, and his music has given so much to the swingdance community. Our donations will do a lot to help his therapy and expenses.

  20. Albert, there is simply nothing that compares to being moved by one of your solos. The room fills with energy, and if I’m not dancing I’m overcome with emotion. You’re not just the heart and soul of the Campus 5; you are a balm for all of ours.

  21. Hi Albert, wishing you a swift recovery! I was just thinking back to Lionel Hampton night at Lindy Focus a few years ago, and how beautiful you all sounded. What a night!

  22. Albert is certainly one of the gems of the LA jazz scene. His personality, in addition to his playing, is infectious. Wishing you well, Albert! We saxophonists have to stick together.

  23. I have had the pleasure to dance to your music live many times and you have inspired so much joy in the whole community. Best of luck on a speedy recovery.

    We love you Albert.

  24. Dear Albert,
    Missing you and your inspirational music!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    Your loyal fans,
    Gene and Kathy Hashiguchi

  25. You spread such joy with your music and your smile, Albert! We are thinking of you and can’t wait to have you back. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

  26. Thank you Albert Alva for all the music! Also this donation is to honor Adam Brozowski’s talk on LGBTQIA+ at Camp Hollywood, since he asked us to donate here.

  27. Albert is a wonderful person. He always has a smile for you and is a super nice and has such a giving nature. My mother-in-law is Virginia, is ninety-four-years and is his aunt. Albert has been there for her when he could. He has picked up medications at the pharmacy, takes her to lunch, and runs errands. Thank God for a giver like him he does it unselfishly. Love you and we pray for your speedy recovery.

  28. Albert was kind and friendly to me, even though I could not speak English well. I sincerely hope for the recovery of a great jazz player.

  29. We’re thinking of you, Albert! Much love and wishes for a smooth and steady recovery from your friends in Austin!

  30. Love your music and how you positively affect others through it, especially getting all of us dancers out on the floor having a blast. Thank you for everything!

  31. Passing help forward. I know what it’s like to be in need. Music Education is a family of folks that needs to be supported. I wish you a complete recovery and I hope you feel the love.

  32. Lindy League loves the Jonathan Stout Orchestra! We want to support the recovery of one of their own, and an honored member of the lindy/swing community. All the best and swift recovery to Albert!

  33. I have been dancing for 15 years, and albert’s music has inspired special memories numerous times throughout my life. He has given much to my life, and I would like to give something back to him so that he may have the life he wishes to have.

  34. I am so sorry to hear you’ve suffered a stroke, but I hope the support of this community can lift your spirits and keep you encouraged on your journey forward 💜

  35. We all love you Albert, stay strong, i can’t wait to play some music with you very soon!!
    Sending my love to you
    Jack O Roonie

  36. Albert has a special place in our family’s hearts (The Reams Family). He is a wonderful person, teacher, mentor, and musician! Get well soon, Albert!!

  37. Albert was one of my favorite teachers I ever had and would always call me when there was a gig available. Hoping for a speedy recovery for one of the greatest legends in jazz academia.

  38. Albert’s is the most genuine musicians I know and a true inspiration who is one of the reasons why I started playing jazz. Get well soon Albert!

  39. Always appreciate your amazing energy and friendliness, Albert! And your music isn’t too shabby either 😛 Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  40. So many people are thinking of you and are willing to help in different ways during your recovery! There’s no one like Albert Alva! 🎶

  41. Albert is a gift to this community! An incredible musician and human who deserves the best care to bring him through this tough time. We are sending you so much love!!! ♥️🎷

  42. Albert’s playing has given me some of my most beloved dance memories. The amount of talent and energy he puts into his music is truly special. Here’s hoping for a smooth and speedy recovery.

  43. I have so many great memories where Albert is on the bandstand, and I hope to make many more in the future. 💜 Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

  44. Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought us over the years! Sending you wishes for comfort & ease during your recovery. Big hugs and love from TN! The Mankes

  45. Albert – you are a treasure and a completely invaluable and irreplaceable part of our swing dance community. Thank you for giving us so many “swing the f*** out” tunes and creating some of the best, most wonderful moments connecting to the music. Sending lots of virtual hugs and well wishes for a smooth, quick recovery! <3

  46. Albert, you’re such a gem, an amazing musician but more importantly a kind human being who always brings so much joy to those around you. We can’t wait to have you back, take care!

  47. Albert has been a hero of mine for years! His spirit of positivity and encouragement was a huge help in building my confidence to be a full time dancer. Love you Albert!

  48. I’m so sorry to hear this news. Thinking of you, Albert – and hoping you have an amazing recovery.

    Sharon Westenhofer

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