PSDF Programs and Operations

PSDF operates a variety of programs like California Balboa Classic, Balorado, Rhythm Relief, and our Scholarships Program and we rely on tax-deductible donations to make it all possible. Although we ask for support for specific programs and initiatives, we also need to fund the infrastructure and financial stability to make our programs possible.

$10,500.00 donated
60 Donors

If you like programs like these and want PSDF to do more in the future, add your support to the PSDF Programs and Operations fund. It not only pays for essentials like accounting, internet services, and storage space, it provides a solid foundation to keep our programs vibrant and help us try new ideas! Some past initiatives supported by these donations include:


  1. On behalf of Hug It Out (a monthly fast feet dance in Sacramento), because Allison Meeks and Toni Shapiro asked us to donate their DJ and teaching pay

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