PSDF Scholarship Fund

Pacific Swing Dance Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for a diverse array of dancers to attend dance events on the Pacific coast. For many dancers around the United States and world—especially younger dancers—traveling to the Pacific coast to dance is financially unattainable. But with contributions from dancers with the financial resources, we’ve awarded over 120 full- and partial- scholarships since 2019. We currently administer scholarship programs for California Balboa Classic and Camp Hollywood. Money contributed to this fund goes toward helping pay admission, travel, lodging, and other expenses for well-qualified applicants. Our goal is to provide scholarships for 90 dancers in 2021–22.

$8,810.00 donated
57 Donors


  1. Find out what you’re passionate about when it comes to swing dancing, be it teaching, jazz music, scene building, performing, etc, and do it! I hope this donation helps dancers to have the opportunities to learn and grow in their love of swing dancing.

  2. The swing dance community has done so much for me, so I’d like to take this chance to give back. Camp Hollywood has been a life changing event for me I’d like to help other people experience it!

  3. Swing dancing has positively affected every part of my life. It has been a creative outlet, a source of inspiration, a supportive community and a living, moving connection to history as I learned directly from the legends who explored and created this dance firsthand. It has connected me to dance friends and a lovely international dance community and opened many doors of opportunity for me. I want to help pass forward this life-changing opportunity to the next generations of dancers. May we inspire you to inspire the world! Swing the Wing & Whip the Hip

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