Giving Tuesday: Let’s Raise $20K for Swing Dance Access!

Help PSDF create opportunities for a diverse array of dancers to attend dance events on the west coast!

Giving Tuesday presents us with an exciting and impactful opportunity. Our goal is not only ambitious but profoundly meaningful: to raise $20,000 to bolster the PSDF Scholarship Fund.

This isn’t just about hitting a financial target; it’s about opening doors to the world of swing dance and fostering a welcoming, inclusive community.

Here’s where your support can make a tangible difference today:

  • Expanding Access and Fostering Inclusion: Our scholarships provide more than just entry to events; they cover travel, lodging, and meals for many recipients. This comprehensive support breaks down financial barriers, allowing dancers from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to share in the joy and fellowship of swing dance events. Your contribution today is pivotal in cultivating an inclusive and richly varied swing dance community.
  • Targeted Impact: The first $11,000 raised today is earmarked for scholarships at the California Balboa Classic 2024. This event is a cornerstone in our efforts, offering an exceptional experience for swing enthusiasts.
  • Maintaining a Solid Foundation: Funds exceeding $11,000 will bolster the PSDF Scholarship Fund for the future. This ensures ongoing support for future scholarships at beloved events like the California Balboa Classic and Camp Hollywood.
  • A Legacy of Support: Since 2019, thanks to generous donors and dedicated dance organizers, we’ve provided about $85,000 in scholarships to over 200 recipients. This is a testament to the power of community and the impact of collective generosity.
  • Global Reach: Our past scholarship recipients span 25 states and 5 countries, illustrating the far-reaching impact of your support and the universal appeal of swing dance.
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  1. Camp Hollywood was my first out of town workshop, and will forever be one of the defining moments of my journey. I am glad to be able to help facilitate that for others.

  2. Thank you so much to this foundation for making it possible for me to attend this wonderful event, learn so much and be able to take it back to my local scene. This event is truly life changing.

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