PSDF Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Program Mission Statement

The scholarship program of the Pacific Swing Dance Foundation (PSDF) is committed to helping dancers who have been disproportionately affected by discrimination and structural inequalities in society to fully participate in swing dance culture, to include attending swing dance events. Barriers to participation are often related to factors such as race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, income level, disability status, and age; however, this list is not exhaustive and the scholarship committee recognizes that dancers have unique lived experiences of inequality that may involve a combination of these and other factors. The scholarship committee will fulfill this commitment to helping dancers by providing monetary support, opportunities for community and networking, and additional guidance during the event as requested by scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Costs Per Event

Financial aid is assigned to each event according to the amount of funds it manages to raise.

Each program dedicates funds, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, to cover the expenses of scholarship recipients. Additionally, an allocation of $2,000 to $5,000 is earmarked for program costs. These costs include compensating the scholarship committee, organizing lectures and mentorship opportunities, creating social spaces for scholarship recipients and special guests, and addressing other program-related expenses.

Consequently, the total cost of the scholarship program for a single event falls within the range of $3,000 to $15,000. Any funds raised beyond these amounts enable the provision of additional scholarships and enhance the benefits offered by the programs.

Scholarship Types & Costs

Scholarships are made possible because the event donates an all inclusive pass for each scholarship recipient and waives competition entry fees. This package alone is valued between $300-600 per scholarship recipient. 

Full Scholarship

A Full Scholarship costs PSDF around $1,000 each and includes an event pass, free entry to competitions, access to staff meals, a shared hotel room or other housing accommodations, a travel stipend of up to $400.

Travel Scholarship

A Travel Scholarship costs PSDF around $400 each and includes an event pass, free entry to competitions,  an expense stipend of up to $400 and sometimes includes access to staff meals.

Event Scholarship

An Event Scholarship includes an event pass and free entry to competitions.





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  1. Giving back a little something so someone else can experience the joy of attending Camp Hollywood! ❤️

  2. Find out what you’re passionate about when it comes to swing dancing, be it teaching, jazz music, scene building, performing, etc, and do it! I hope this donation helps dancers to have the opportunities to learn and grow in their love of swing dancing.

  3. The swing dance community has done so much for me, so I’d like to take this chance to give back. Camp Hollywood has been a life changing event for me I’d like to help other people experience it!

  4. Swing dancing has positively affected every part of my life. It has been a creative outlet, a source of inspiration, a supportive community and a living, moving connection to history as I learned directly from the legends who explored and created this dance firsthand. It has connected me to dance friends and a lovely international dance community and opened many doors of opportunity for me. I want to help pass forward this life-changing opportunity to the next generations of dancers. May we inspire you to inspire the world! Swing the Wing & Whip the Hip

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